Skillful MIND Meditation Leaders Program

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Our vision is to have a meditation class in every suburb in every city! And we can't do this on our own. But what we can do is empower you with all the tools you need to spread mindfulness through your passion for meditation.

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  • Learning

    Learn about meditation, the hows, the whys, the philosophies, the techniques, and learn aboout teaching too. All in your own time. It's self-paced. Click to view the syllabus.

  • Certification

    Recognized by the Complementary Medical Association, all around the world, this is all you'll need to lend you the confidence and credibility.

  • Resources

    Everything you'll need to help you start and run your classes successfully. From admin help, to lesson plans, meditation programs to marketing and promotional materials. Click to view the syllabus

  • Free Coaching Call with Peter

    Peter has more than 30 years of experience with meditation and business. And he's here as a great sounding board for your ideas about a meditation or wellness business. 


See what our present leaders are saying about the program.

Matthew Wojciechowski

Georgia, USA

“The Skillful MIND leader program has allowed me to start a hospital funded meditation group for patients in one of our major hospitals here in Savannah, Georgia.. I know in my heart is it contributing to the healing of the people."









Leyla Bate

Adelaide, Australia

“I began my meditation group last week and I am now sitting here this evening and am so emotionally overwhelmed at how well it went.  Everyone who came last week returned and plus another newbie. All paid 5 weeks upfront.

It's not about the money but the positive feedback, group energy, accomplishment, and how grateful I am. I cannot thank you enough.  I had so much fear and battled massively about not being good enough. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for your amazing teachings. Very grateful."

Bettina Gould

Peter, Australia

“As a yoga teacher in Perth, I thought that a meditation group class would be a perfect way for my yoga students to learn and practice some different meditation techniques. And Peters video course offers so much information, tools and support that it is making this initiative so easy that I wish I had done it years ago. Thanks, Peter and I definitely recommend it to any other yoga teachers out there.”





30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your membership is protected by our 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Which means that you can start your free trial, use Skillful MIND for 30 days, and if it's NOT everything you expected and more, then we'll refund every single penny.


Skillful MIND Meditation Leaders Program

Community Package